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Some, while acting gruff and distant, actually secretly long for friendships and intimacy.

A true schizoid personality is perfectly happy being alone and might consider others to be a bother!

Life feels like you’re on an emotional roller coaster and he’s slowly driving you crazy. Do you sometimes wonder if there’s something wrong with you, when you’ve given all that you have?

It is also possible that the 'schiz' is referring to the literal interpretation--a split mind.

However, this is NOT the same as Multiple Personality Disorder and could refer to Data's mind becoming fragmented.

Knowing that the end is near, he transfers all of his knowledge and intellect into Data.

As a result, Data begins to act differently and becomes a cause of concern to Picard and others. Graves as "schizoid", referring to his lack of interest in social relationships, tendency towards a solitary lifestyle, secretiveness, emotional coldness and apathy. Graves and his torpedo casing casket were beamed into space, the Enterprise warps away showing only Graves' casket passing by but not the stand on which the casket was standing on the transporter pad. Ira Graves after his assistant sent out a call for help.

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If your man has Schizoid Personality Disorder he’s cold and detached and has shallow emotions. When It’s Time to Leave The hardest and saddest relationships are those in which a woman gets romantically involved with a man who has Schizoid Personality Disorder or any man who’s detached and not willing to make a commitment. The relationship can go on for months and years, with the healthy partner holding out hope. Codependency is based on Fake Facts Child Abuse: Should Someone Expect Other People To Empathise Them If They Were Abused As A Child?

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