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There is no proper count of the capsules that are smuggled in and seized by police, but after a major crack down, the Royal Bhutan Police has arrested 1,373 people in connection with smuggling or abuse between December 2013 and October 2015. Nitrosun (N-10), another drug that is commonly abused looks like the white paracetamol tablet. Used largely by people suffering from insomnia as a self-treatment, N-10 can make an abuser hooked to it.Abusing these controlled pharmaceutical drugs for pleasure affect the pleasure center of the brain, the limbic system, making a person dependent on the drug, according to Bhutan Narcotics Control Agency i am also addicted to this so here i tell you my own experience about spasmo proxyvon....which which i faced.... i genrally popped 8-10 tabs in 5 of chain and sometime even i pop more than 20 tabs in a day...after having that i feel so excited....i feel happy....i was just seen and seen at one point only.....without tention....u feel so relax...All informations on this page are taken from public sources such as search engines (,,

It is the presence of Propoxyphene napsylate that makes the drug highly addictive and causes dependency among the users.

you also experience hallucination if you popped so much .... i cant leave it..i completely failed to leave leave it for 1 week then again 8 th day i ran to the shop for having spasmo proxyvn... most of time i think of this only.of my pocket money is spent on this drug.. i cant find any mental problem...i discover that what is the condition of my inside body specially my tummy..

beside this this drug also has many SIDE EFFECT as it is printed on its pack over dosage is injurious to liver..... i didnt feel any thing when i was on the drug .as people says that they cant move their hand or cant do any job... generally i pop 6 tabs at once.....means in a single day i pop 3 strips...means 24 tabs... i cant see my future..because of this blue evil pils.

The blue coloured odourless capsule looks harmless. But Spasmo-proxyvon (SP) or Sonam Penjor, as known on the streets of Bhutan is the cause of lot of pains to those who abuse it.

It is the most abused pharmaceutical drug in the country.

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