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Now, she is turning away from her fans and spreading blatant lies in order to preserve her image.And what happened to her can happen to anyone else signed under such businesses just as quickly.In fact, many of her earlier songs hold some kind of sentiment in my life, whether they can be related to a schoolgirl crush or to a time in my life when I was experiencing change.Taylor Swift's music has always held this golden key to success because she can relate to the awkward stages of girlhood; consequently, she became branded with this "girl-next-door" image from the time she stepped into the industry.Just recently, Kim released the videos that proved Taylor's approval of Kanye's song, despite what Taylor's speech suggested at the VMA's.It wasn't even Kim who ultimately ruined this sweet singer's reputation, but the actions of Taylor that caused a great casualty to her career.

When musical tyrants get involved, it can only do more harm than good to an artist's image and overall value.The industry has taken control of Taylor's actions, mistakes were made, and now she is paying the consequences.This leads my focus to a more critical issue: major record companies are lacking in principle.While every artist is human and experiences drama, this a particular instance of Taylor allowing the business to intervene with her personal relationships.But now, we must address the juicy part: Kim Kardashian exposing Taylor Swift.

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