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here are my thoughts: 1) SHARA53, so many things in common.

i've learned in life that if i want something bad enough i'll do whatever i have to do to get it.

how it was cheaper than Botox, waaaay safer, and i can even get free refills! kudos on the bike race 8) MYBLUEIRIS i love strawberries too!

6) GOBBLER 11 never been a twin, but always thought it would be cool. i collapsed into giggles, but i think i was the only one who got it. anyway, that one phrase took of big time and i got a whole devotional about it! never had a thing for flamingos, myself, more penguins and polar bears...

but then again, i'm tryin' to consider the source...

mother teresa once said you cannot give to the outside what you do not have on the inside. which is a good thing, since i'm a vegetarian, and a health food freak to boot!

in fact, i wrote a short fiction romance for a competition and my church momma told me she could so see it as a hallmark channel movie...

I'm in college to obtain a degree in English and Creative Writing. I've always wanted to be a published writer, not for fame, but to change someone's life! I also want to be a missionary to a third world country.

I love the arts: theater, music, painting, writing, etc.

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