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But when you develop XML applications, some exceptions make data validation necessary every time a piece of code is called to action.You need data validation, for example, when you process incoming data whose origin isn't certified or whose content layout isn't completely predictable (i.e., cases in which the text that users type at runtime determines the XML data layout). NET, you must use the Xml Validating Reader class, which derives from the Xml Text Reader class and works in much the same way.After you've obtained a running instance of Xml Validating Reader, you use it just as you would its parent class.

Any compliant implementation must support the W3C XML Schema language, but other languages like RELAX NG or Schematron may be supported as well.

XML Web GUI enters with version 0.5b1 the beta stage of development process.

Improvements have been made to the user-interface, security and speed.

Additionally I have created css styles for two dtds. Today the second alpha version of xmlwebgui, the validating xmleditor, that can be used with your browser was released.

The next release, which will be the first beta release is expected for mid march. This version includes a bugfix for mozilla, now you are able to edit attributes in this browser too.

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