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The VR3 VRVD640G comes equipped with a USB port, SD Card Slot, two sets of Video Inputs and 1 set of Video Outputs. User interface is very easy to use and the options are unlimited.You can also hook up your rear view camera to this unit and it will work perfectly together.Is it worth the risk to get this, or does anyone have any information about this product? i will give up some quality for a cheaper price, because im 18 and not working right now. Hello Maniac B I have the spanish version of your radio-DVD (Belson Navix 440) and to write into the resident flash I use the explorer that I have it renamed as KRSCalendar V2in the Applications folder in the same flash and so I don't have to run _swup_ . has anyone in the United States flashed their rom with igo8? krs.exekrsosd.exeand (which is the actual volume slider and volume controls)all these are loaded at starup. I removed the original igo and copied the igo8 to the original igo folder and the main igo8has been renamed to If you runing a different win CE mediplayer you have no access for those thing only the 2nd sd card reader which is in the faceplate. If you have the original igo 2006 than may you have to reset the unit, or disconnect any power wire for like an hour.Can you give me a copy of your SD card to run the igo8, or tell me where you upload it to place? for isntance, if you keep "spimrg.exe" from running at startup, renaming it or whatever. I'm using an external HDD mediaplayer to play movies and music, trough the AUX (AV in) the player is on ebay without the HDD. m from Germany and i don`t write in english often... If its not working may you have to reload the original flash.I found it on only a couple of sites, one of which was wal-mart. All in all, it's a great stereo, but I cannot stand the AWFUL, CLUMSY interface for the mp3 operation. we might need to take the exe to forum that can "crack" it. It works only if you not running anything else (radio, DVD etc.)No way to use different mp3 player software because it's a PDA controlled DVD player.normally i wouldnt buy any electronics from walmart, but at this price..problem is i cant find any information about this product or this company- VR3. to simplify my question, has anyone in the states tried this and worked? It would be great if there was a way to replace the app that runs the mp3 interface so that it has larger text and allows you to select albums and songs by "touching" them instead of the clumsy "arrow" base interface. krs is meant to control the radio volume at no cost. I copied the program to the main flash, because when I had the SD card in the faceplate it was complaining low memory and offered expand the memory with virtual memory from the card. It means the PDA gives all the commands for the DVD assembly.

"New" refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, and "Used" refers to an item that has been used previously.

Accurate GPS reception Loud and clear voice guidance Lots of POI (points-of-interest) to choose from Multi-point routing (usually available only on those high-end units) Map stored internally (no need to run DVD when you use the GPS) Play DVD movies and MP3's USB port and SD card slot (allows you to play movies and mp3's) Excellent stereo and radio quality, as well as reception Touch-screen system is highly responsive Easy to navigate menu Comes with all the necessary parts for easy installation180 Total Watts Maximum Power 4" Color Touchscreen LCD Monitor Over 12 million Businesses, Restaurants and Landmarks in Points of Interest Database pre-loaded with 2D or 3D maps My Points of Interest (Enter Your Favorite Places) SD Cart Slot, USB Port, Audio/Video Input Plays DVD, VCD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, WMA, Dix V, and AM/FM radio RCA Line Outputs for External Amplifier and Subwoofer Built-In Noise Filter Full Function I.

My friend bought this unit for his motorcycle and has asked me to load the Red Light cameras and Harley Dealerships as Custom POIs.

eventually i came across one for about 0 that seemed too good to be true.

it is the VR3 VRVD640G In-Dash DVD Receiver w/ 4" LCD & GPS. I was wondering if there was any way (since this is windows CE), to replace the mp3 player/interface on this unit (vrvd640g)?

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