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The levels are: Normal Game * Easy * Medium * Hard (For a very fun game without sex !

) Dirty Game — (for adult only) * X (soft) * X – X (Hot) * X – X – X (Hard) with the hardest truth and dare, Game for adults only) The rules are very simple: register all the players by adding their names, and spin the wheel.

It’s perfect for family fun night, parties with friends or as a team building activity. , the entire team collaborates together to act out clues for one or more person(s) to guess.

Teams have 60 seconds to attempt to guess as many clues or phrases as possible.

If you blurt a correct answer out first, you win their card and drawing continues. Cascading face-offs can occur when you hand over a lost card revealing a new top card on your play pile. With over 850 scenarios, including suggestions for large groups and other fun variations, no game is ever the same!

’ Teams have two minutes to sound out three puzzles, and the quicker you guess, the more you score. Every player answers a fun question like “What’s the worst thing to say to a cop after getting pulled over?

Spymasters give one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the table. Be the first player to advance to the finish by creatively connecting subjects and letters, while racing a random-interval timer and the other players. The result is narrative warfare in which the most creative, best spoken, and craftiest thrive! Laugh or cry as you discover whether you were able to match any answers with other players. Under the pressure of the timer, these and many more crazy and funny challenges might not be as easy as they sound! In this exceptionally silly and awesome game, your objective is to win. Sadly, all of your opponents have the same simple goal and they are trying to make you lose.

Their teammates try to guess words of their color while avoiding those that belong to the opposing team. Between rock paper scissors battles, being eaten by a random dragon or saved by a kitten ambush, there are many hazards to avoid.

If you would like to add your own truth or dare please try the i OS multiplayer game.

Truth or dare is free to play, but some additional levels are available with the premium game.

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Prepare yourself with your friend for the best night ever!

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