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One of his first acts of Hays in 'cleaning-up' Hollywood, due to pressure from Hollywood's top film executives, was to banish the acquitted actor-comedian Arbuckle from film, at least temporarily, in order to distract the public.

[Note: Arbuckle would continue to make films as a director under the pseudonym William Goodrich between 19.] Hays also approved the use of morality clauses in the standard actor's contract, to control the conduct of performers, and he also assured state and local censorship boards that he would properly regulate the industry.

Contrary to the scandalous affair, Pickford had always played innocent young women in her films, such as Upright and popular silent film actor Wallace Reid (also an alcoholic), dubbed "The King of Paramount," died in early 1923 at the age of 31.

For years, he had been incurably addicted to narcotics (morphine was secretly administered to him by the studio after a train accident on the set during the making of the Lasky film The Valley of the Giants (1919) in Oregon).

The latter was typical of an exploitation film designed to circumvent the Production Code restrictions with its plot that warned against underage marriage.

Further scandal erupted over the murder of 49 year-old millionaire film director William Desmond Taylor, popular comedian Mabel Normand's lover, in February 1922 - he was shot to death in his LA apartment after spending the early evening with Normand.

The murder was never solved, although it appeared that Charlotte Shelby was a major suspect -- the angry "stage mother" of 19 year-old blonde starlet Mary Miles Minter who was seeing Taylor.

In the early days of Hollywood shortly after the development of film-making as an industry, moralists objected to the amount of nudity, sexuality, criminality and violence portrayed in films.

Censorship boards were set up in various states and controls began to be imposed, often on a voluntary basis, once moving pictures became widespread and available to mass viewing audiences (encouraged by the popularity of nickelodeons, first called "arcade peepshows").

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